Reader Reviews for Loaded Stories

“The result is not simply self-psychoanalysis, but good authorship… I read this book and almost missed getting off the bus twice, as I was so transfixed.” Full Review

“His facts put fiction to shame, but then old family fabrications raise their heads, creating a wobbly line between the two… it’s a rollicking ride through a reckless era that’s entertainment for us, likely cathartic for him, and should definitely not be missed.” Full Review

“Though shocking real-world violence is present in multiple phases of this story it never veers into a sermon or treatise… It just gives the reader a colorful picture of a distinct, interesting life…” Full Review

“I LOVED this book! Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a fascinating journey… Despite the drama and hardships, there is so much humor and warmth in this book. Highly recommended!” Full Review

“The stories were entertaining, compelling and, at times, moving. It takes courage to tell such a personal story but Hayes does it with grace and honesty.” Full Review

“This book took me through a labyrinth of emotions and paradoxes.” Full Review 

“Hats off to Carl Hayes, who has chronicled a certain California life for the rest of us, and not only lived to tell the tale, but thrived in the telling.” Full Review

“It is a very wonderful story, quite a page turner… reminded me a lot of my own childhood in the seventies. With some horrible stories to have had to grow up with and a collection of interviews with his Dad, this is really an interesting read! Kudo’s! Loved this book!” Full Review

“Through humor and a tell-it-like-it-was style, Carl Hayes asked for no pity but for a reader who can understand that the baggage we carry doesn’t always define us but sometimes explains us.” Full Review

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