LOADED STORIES 2014coverfinal

Loaded Stories is my memoir about growing up in wild 1970s California. I tour the uncommon histories of my two fathers, the first shot and killed while hitchhiking in Tennessee, the second a hard-partying outlaw immersed in the general mayhem of post-Manson Family Los Angeles. Lurching from psychedelic gun-packed nightmares to mountain-top “Partridge Family” harmonies, my unique family history shaped by the raucous ’70s is explored in this personal essay.

Here are some reader responses and photos from the era.

The eBook is available for $8 at Gumroad. It’s a PDF file that can be read on smartphones, readers, tablets, and computers.

A limited number of print copies are available for $15 (plus shipping) – contact me for further details.

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Cover Design and Illustration by Jeff McElroy